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Free! Eternal Summer - Haruka Nanase || 
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What if the boys were invited to do a photoshoot?

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Let’s paint a picture of someone you love. Maybe, someone who’s not with us anymore.

this entire gifset, captures the reason why i love the Boondocks 

When I first saw this a while back, I thought it was Huey and Riley’s parents, but then my friend said hat it might have been Granddad and his wife.

Either way, the newer episodes just don’t hit home the same way and it irritates me. I want shit like this. This is gold.

This is my favorite episode.

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Pokemon shaming - LOVE THIS

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Added a whole bunch more hydrangea blossoms and filled in the gaps with daisies, and I like it so much more! After removing hot glue strands I added the tulle overlay and I’m quite pleased with it.

Still work left to be done - a waistband, zipper, and seam binding on the bodice. But the tough stuff is over! 

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Watch a sneak peek of the gameplay in the upcoming Legend of Korra video game RIGHT HERE!